Natural Solution Recommendations for Diaper Rash in Babies


Natural Solution Recommendations for Diaper Rash in Babies

Although it does not appear much in the winter months, there are many factors in the formation of diaper rash, which is a skin condition that babies encounter in the hot summer season. Wrong diaper selection or wrong diaper tying technique causes the baby’s skin to remain clogged for a long time. This causes diaper rash in the baby. In addition, diaper rash may occur in situations such as the body’s reaction to certain foods.

Redness, burning and irritation, which are mostly seen in the groin area or butt, are the harbingers of diaper rash in babies. The rash, which causes the baby to be uneasy or cry, gives a feeling of discomfort on the skin.

We have investigated herbal methods that show their effect more quickly than creams or medicines in preventing diaper rash problem frequently seen in babies.

It would be appropriate to use our recommendations in consultation with your doctor.

Herbal Methods Suitable for Diaper Rash in Babies

Olive Oil


It is a very effective method in preventing diaper rash. You can apply it directly to the rash with a cotton or soft cloth.

Ordinary Centaury Oil


It is a very effective herb for diaper rash. In addition, it has miraculous effects when it is applied to the burned area immediately in case of burns.

Walnut Leaf


After the Walnut Leaf is boiled and warmed, apply it to the rash with a cloth or cotton.

Coconut oil

You can easily apply it to the areas with redness.


You can apply the dough that you will prepare by mixing starch and petroleum jelly on the areas with rash.



Applying yogurt to the red area both relieves your baby and prevents the diaper rash from spreading.

Sage Tea

After boiling the sage herb and cooling the water, lightly rub the rash area with a cloth or cotton.


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