Perfect Suggestions for New Mothers


Perfect Suggestions for New Mothers

For new mothers, holding their baby is like reaching the true meaning of life. However, you may also have fears about how to care for a baby. We will have some suggestions that we believe can help you with this.

How Should Breastfeeding Be?


During breastfeeding, the baby’s entire body should be facing the mother. It is necessary to support the breast with four fingers from the bottom and the thumb above. While holding the breast, care should be taken not to touch the brown part of the breast (areola). The way to hold the baby should be as shown in the picture.

How do you know if the baby is hungry?

Usually, babies should be fed 8 to 12 times a day. This means that it needs to be fed every 2 or 3 hours. When he does gestures like sucking his fist, your baby is trying to show that he is hungry.




Tickle Your Baby to Wake Up.

If you have to wake your baby, never shake him no matter what. Even when playing games, a small jolt can cause bleeding in the brain. So try to wake your baby by tickling or gently blowing.



Do not give your baby a pacifier before breastfeeding

The sucking reflex of babies starts while they are still in the womb. It is also the strongest reflex after birth. When the baby is born, he is not weak at sucking. Only the baby’s effective sucking skills, positioning towards the breast, correctly grasping the nipple and coordination of reflexive features (sucking / swallowing / breathing) are not yet fully developed. Therefore, babies need frequent sucking to practice sucking, especially in the first weeks. A baby’s need to suck his mother is necessary not only because he is hungry, but also for feeling safe, bonding with the mother and exercising digestion after feeding.

Therefore, it is necessary to allow babies to suck as often and for as long as they want. Breastfeeding supports an infant’s physiological, anatomical, orthopedic and emotional development. The mother breast has unique properties to meet all these needs of a baby. So, bottle feeding or using a pacifier instead of breastfeeding the baby can cause significant deprivation in the baby. Because the structure and sucking of materials such as bottles and pacifiers is quite different from the principle of sucking the mother’s breast. Therefore, introducing these materials to a baby, especially in the neonatal period, may harm breast sucking behavior.

Try to Understand Body Language

Your baby won’t try to communicate with you just by crying. Pay attention to your baby’s body movements. Clenching their fists can be caused by your baby being stressed or hungry. Continuous kicking indicates that your baby may need attention. Behaviors such as pulling your ears can mean your teeth come out.

Warming The Chest

In cases where your breasts are tight or your ducts are blocked, placing a warm compress, heating pad or warm towel on your bra will increase the milk flow.



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